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31 May 2019

CSOC Dev - Week 2

Hello and welcome to the week 2 of CSOC Dev. I hope all of you liked messing around with branches and stuff. Did anyone try making their Octocat yet? :D. This week will cover essential web frontend development using the fundamentals of fundamentals - HTML!

What is HTML?

No, it’s not a programming language first of all. Don’t even plan to write it in your CV as such :D. It’s a markup language to structure your document and it’s not constrained to be linear. That’s what hypertext means in the full form of HTML - Hypertext Markup Language.

Can you be more practical?

Okay, let’s start with useful stuff! To make any good-looking site of yours, which you want to admire and fawn over, you need three things - HTML, CSS and JS. Any front-end developer requires these three masterpieces.

Components of Web

Now, when you get started to learn from the internet, there are millions of resources to learn. Let’s filter out some to learn only relevant stuff, not how to make your webpage run on old Netscape Navigator :D. First, learn anything which concerns with HTML5, CSS3 and JS (ES 5+). Those aren’t the latest; especially the JS has undergone lots of changes in ES6 specs.

Simplest site to learn basics of web dev is no doubt w3schools. So, get started on HTML and CSS from there. For CSS, don’t get lost there. Just learn syntax, how to use it and then keep the following references handy:

For JS, it’s very, very vast. Start with this crash course first: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Learn/Getting_started_with_the_web/JavaScript_basics

And to practice using with your HTML page, read DOM Manipulation: https://www.sitepoint.com/dom-manipulation-vanilla-javascript-no-jquery/