Club Of ProgrammerS
9 Jun 2019


Hello and welcome to the week 4 of CSOC ML. Hope that you have gone through most of the resources given to you till now and have found the resources helpful. The resources cover the basics of Machine Learning and Data Science. We also hope you have completed the assignment 2 sincerely. Also the third assignment has been released. Today there wont be any more resources but we will discuss the assignment that you will be working on this week and the final task for the Data Science part of this programme. Continue going through whatever that has been provided to you untill now and complete it sincerely.


There are no tasks in this assignment like the previous ones. We have provided you a dataset on which you will be working on. You have to analyse the data set and build models to get good prediction the data set. If you have gone through all the resources that has been provided to you untill now especially the blogs, you will have a clear idea as to how to do this. This task will tell us how much sincerely you have gone through the resources. More instructions are given in the jupyter nootebook. Remember do not copy from publicaly available solutions as this is to test your knowledge and for you to evaluate yourselves. You will have to explain the results you are getting and why you have done so. So blindly copying isnt going to help. There will be a form released soon where you will have to fill all these details.

Final Task

As promised in the previous blog the final task will be related to Kaggle. The Titanic: Machine Learning from Disaster is a very famous and a begineer competition on Kaggle. In this competition you are required to apply the tools of machine learning to predict which passengers survived the tragedy. You are required to solve the challenge and make a submission on Kaggle. Take a screenshot of your submission i.e your score ,upload the code in your drive and fill the google form. If you have used Kaggle to write the code then provide the link of your notebook. You have time till June 30 midnight to complete this task. Again dont copy from others’ solution. Refer them to understand the various approaches that can be used and try to come up with your own solution.

This week marks the end of Data Science part of the programme. From next week onwards we will start with some advanced topics and dive into the amazing field of Computer Vision. Untill then ALL THE BEST!!!