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Club of Programmers IIT (BHU), Varanasi

In this age of increasing automation, programming is not limited to only computer science and related fields. Every competent engineer needs to know how to program. This makes Club of Programmers one of the most important clubs in the institute.

Club of Programmers (or better known as COPS) understands this responsibility and plays a crucial part in maintaining the coding culture in the institute. Introductory workshops are held for freshers to introduce them to the various facets of programming. Regular competitions are held for the general student body to test and sharpen their programming skills. COPS also has an essential role in the successful conduction of Technex, the institute’s techno-management festival. ICM(International Coding Marathon) event organised by COPS in Technex attracts the maximum participation in the fest.

Although the club has been functioning quite well as compared to other clubs, still, a lot of things needs to be done. Some great initiatives were taken by the current secretaries, including the formation of smaller groups focussed on specific areas (competitive programming group, development group and machine learning group) and the fresher’s mentorship program. Still there are lot of things that the club can improve upon. We hope that we are able to take this momentum forward.


SNTC Streamify

An Andoid application for Science and Technology Council, IIT BHU. Features include news feed, event registration, stream filter etc.

IIT BHU Study Portal

IIT BHU Study Portal aims to act as knowledge hub of IIT BHU, where anyone can share files, study materials, question papers and many more.

Problem of the Week

POTW, Problem of the Week, was developed to help the competitive programmers of the institute to excel in the field. Prepared by the top coders of the institute, these consists of amazing study materials, selected problems to practice and covers almost all the major Algorithms and Data Structures used in competitive programming. With over 2000 clicks already. This is a very helpful resource for internship and placement preparation as well.

Internship Portal

Intern Portal is a django-web application that helps the students of IIT BHU to land an internship in upcoming startups.


Yearbook is a django-web application that generates a pdf based on responses of fourth yearites in the yearbook portal.

Lite hai

Lite Hai! is a mobile app that acts as a guide for all the gymkhana happenings at IIT BHU.


The home for hackathons organised under COPS IIT(BHU).


Google Summer of Code 2021

23 students from the club got accepted in one of the most prestigious open-source software development programs - Google Summer of Code.

Summer. 2021

Open Source Fellowships

One student from the club got accepted in Microsoft Reinforcement Learning Open Source Fest. Two students got accepted as mentees in LFX Mentorship.

April. 2021

9th Inter IIT Tech Meet

2 teams, of 5 and 7 members respectively, participated and won gold and silver medals in their respective events of Network Security Hackathon and Automatic Headline And Sentiment Generator against the participating 23 IITs.

March. 2021

Google Summer of Code 2020

Ten students from the club successfully completed a project in one of the most prestigious open-source software development programs - Google Summer of Code.

IIT (BHU) is one of top 10 institutes in the world with most number of GSoC selections in 2020.

Summer. 2020

ICPC 2019-2020

One team from the club qualified for ICPC World Finals.

December, 2019

Google Summer of Code 2019

Nine students from the club got selected for one of the most prestigious open-source software development programs - Google Summer of Code.

Summer. 2019

7th Inter IIT Tech Meet 2018, IIT Bombay

2 teams, of 4 members each, participated and both won bronze medals on their respective events of Coding Hackathon and Star Cluster Identifier against the participating 23 IITs.

December, 2018

Google Summer of Code 2018

Seven students from the club got selected for one of the most prestigious open-source software development programs - Google Summer of Code.

Summer. 2018

COPS Summer Camp 2018

COPS organized a two months long Summer Camp online. More than 500 students across the country participated in the camp. The camp covered all the three major domains of Computer Science, namely Algorithms and Data Structures (Competitive Programming), Machine Learning and Development (Android and Web).

Summer. 2018

Microsoft Code.Fun.Do 2018

COPS organized Microsoft Code Fun Do, a 24 hr onsite hackathon which saw a prticipation of more than 150 teams (teams of 3). Click here to know more.

Feb. 2018

Third at ICPC Regionals

TooLazyToPropogate, a team of Pranjal Jain, Himanshu Singh and Debrup Roy Choudhary secured third position at ICPC Kanpur Regionals 2017.

Dec. 2017

Bronze at Inter-IIT

A team of two members, Suyash Shukla and Abhinav Patel, won Bronze Medal in an Inter IIT Event.

Dec. 2017

Won GS Quantify 2017

A team of three senior members, Bharat Khanna, Ishank Arora and Ayush Kedia, won the GS Quantify contest held by Goldman Sachs. Also, 6 teams from the institute were selected as Significant Contributors.

Oct. 2017

Problem of the Week

COPS made an amazing study material to start and excel competitve programming. This includes resources to study on each topic and some good problems to practice.

Summer. 2017


Club of Programmers

Club of Programmers, IIT (BHU), Varanasi is born.

April. 2015